Start a Successful HVAC Manufacturing Company

HVAC Manufacturing is now a privately held majority owned WOB (women-owned business). HVAC is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States with over $32 billion in annual revenue. If you would like to start a successful HVAC business, you will want to take the time to learn how to start a Heating and Air conditioning manufacturing company from the ground up.

While it’s possible to start a heating and air conditioning manufacturing company without any previous experience, many small businesses have failed in this area because of inexperience and/or improper documentation. You need to have a solid knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems along with specific knowledge of all applicable federal and state regulations, as well as the technical writing required for an HVAC contractor. Along with proper documentation, you will also need to understand the processes and equipment that are used in heating and air conditioning manufacturing. Learning how to read and write blueprints and schematics along with understanding heating and air conditioning machine tools are all tools you will need to succeed in your home business.

The demand for HVAC equipment is expected to grow substantially as new homes are built and older homes are retrofitted with energy-efficient systems. In fact, it’s projected that energy efficiency will be the largest growing segment of the HVAC industry through at least 2020, driven by new energy efficient applications for HVAC equipment. In addition, as energy bills continue to increase at an alarming rate, the demand for HVAC manufacturing will continue to grow as more homeowners choose to invest in energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems that save money and provide comfort.

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